ARR Chapters: 19

She is what poetry is; and will remain to be.

Angelica Rose has always been an epitome of a blessing to many — of which has no formula, just au naturel. Her authenticity gives her the edge; her ceaseless striving to value people is her pledge.

It’s been eight years to our friendship with many haircuts, heartaches and crushes later — and still you remain beautiful, selfless and real.

And this blog post is dedicated to you. 💗

If there’s a greater feeling that a human being would be so fortunate to experience – it would be the beatitude of a genuine friendship.

From the moment you made a collage of us, you donning a toga and I, wearing a turban accented with a flower, I knew by then we were made for each other forever. The trend of the collage may fade, its quotes might be overused but us —as each other’s girl friend—is something we celebrate each year.


Of many things I like about you, a particular trait would probably be your empowering persona. Other than the fact that you are an empowered Carolinian, you are also empowered to create a reality better than what’s seen. Your advices are rooted from your experience and your experiences are never to be belittled at — as those helped you become the person you are now.

You remain to be a strong figure, my doting ate to that, everyone’s protector and ally; all the more because you are rooted with empowerment. You’ve gone through the process of falling, hurting and failing, but nonetheless you continue to rise with boldness without being exacting. You are in control of your life and whatever you’ve gone through—good or bad—is a testament to how you’ve grown in maturity and to life’s struggles at a raw age.

For your nineteenth, let us celebrate your empowerment. To make it more special, I will leak here the photos of our Camotes date many moons back, (to also give way to my pending blog post about our Camotes trip) and memories of all what we have and all that matters most in life.


Your eyes. (This won’t be numbered until the nineteeth, tho!)

Many suitors have told you once and for more about how beautiful your eyes twinkle from afar. Eyes that speak of sincerity, eyes with raw emotions from within, in which pours tears fall and smiles hide, eyes that stare right into you, — never leaving, only concerning. But all I see are a pair of eyes daunting the expectations of many, the same eyes which close to feel and eyes which open to give zeal.

GF, your chinita eyes may be the first thing many guys will love about you but your eyes will always be our connection to your beautiful mystery. It may be deep, dark but it will always be honest.


You can tame people but everyone knows you’re a sweet pea in a pod.

I can call you at any time of the day, at ungodly hours, at uncalled for moments and what nots, because I admit, I miss clinging on to your sweet sister antics and yet, you wouldn’t mind. You open me with open arms, and you cling unto my being the same way, too. You hug with no bounds nor restraints, you hold my hand anytime you want to, you lean onto my shoulder to settle yourself, you stare into my eyes for a moment there, you send me long messages with so many pink hearts and kissing emojis just because you miss me and the list goes on — and for that, I thank you. I wouldn’t trade all those for anything in the world and I pray you will remain to be that sweet Rose of an Angel that you are in the years to come.


Your smile is your strength, in fact, it’s the most visible thing that truly expresses your empowerment.

It can wear so many colors and shades of lipstick, but your lips pursed into a smile could be many shades of wonderful as words of wisdom and compliments exhaust from them. You’ve warmed so many days and charmed so many guys because of your smile, GF. Keep it that way and let your smile, with a bonus of pearly whites, change the world.

You are wiling to cross oceans for the people you hold dear to your heart.

Family, friends, boyfriends hahaha, you always give a portion or even your entire heart and soul for us, and we thank you for that. For the years that have molded you to be the person that you are now, I am awed how selfless you are and you give us a pat, a smile, a hug, a compliment, a sacrifice at times that we feel broken because you, yourself, may have been broken once, but you do not want to commit us to feel the same way, too. That cede itself is a beautiful thing, GF.


You embrace the allurement of everything and you see them as blessings.

I wonder how easy it is for you to ignore horrid and pain and take them all in as blessings to your life. A person may hurt you here and there but you easily forgive them without regrets. You don’t demand presence, you fill in the absence. You see people who go as lessons. You see struggles as crosswalks to life’s content. You adore simplicity, you do not exaggerate things, thus, making you a lovely natural.

There’s nothing that abhors the eyes of Angelica Rose, because she sees things as roses – thorns in its defense, but the blooming flower on top at its prime. Wherever the rose goes, same as where Angelica Rose goes, the rose’s fragrance will stay — likewise the beauty of its bearer.


You have enticing and divine thoughts.

You have a talent for writing, for poems, and you communicate straight towards people’s hearts with your prowess of establishing forlorn words together. No matter how many times you share to me your hunch for a blog post, with drafts and suggestions in between, I will always be your number one fan of your ARR Chapters. Since we share the same love for writing, I decided to exhaust all the things I love to talk about you in writing – expressions curtained but feelings fondled.

You take a stand on empowerment through writing; keep it up. You will always the be the ARR Chapters to my To Living Reveries. Both pink and girly at that!


You love deeply at the same time you are deeply loved by all of us.

I know you know it and I want you to implant it on your heart. The right man may come to gratify the desires of your heart but we will always be here to support and hear your heart’s devotion.

For your nineteenth, I pray you guidance, success and the luxury of time, GF. Time to discover yourself, to become independent, to fulfill your passions, to travel the world, to push yourself out of the comfort zone and to spend quality time with the people you love.

You are my other half, GF, and I wish you nothing but the best.


Thank you for all that you are to me.

I love you, a tringelzillion times and more. Always in all ways.

Happy 19th.

Love always,

Trina Louise


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